Building the Belfab

Quality car, creative craftsmanship.

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In the shadow of the massive grandstand of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, on the edge of a Texas-size industrial park, Jim Belfiore and his son Jamie are hand building Supermodifieds. These are the real thing, cars that will be fitted with big block direct drive fuel-injected alcohol burning engines that hang out of the left side. Seventy-one-year-old Belfiore, whose company is Belfab, has a degree in mechanical engineering and it shows. the cars he builds are bursting with creative craftsmanship. His focus is on safety first, and then speed. None will be built without a full containment seat. Belfiore trusts nobody but himself to TIG-weld the chrome moly tubing together. the cars are built in segments that are then welded together to form a whole. Bodies are all aluminum, built by son James Jr., who quips that “anybody can make a fiberglass body.” Belfiore let us photograph anything we wanted on the four cars under construction on his shop floor—except the torque arm. the mounting procedure of its nose is secret and deliberately shrouded in the finished cars. the cars can be delivered entirely ready to race with a powder-coated frame, paint, chrome, and the engine installed. Priced at $65,000 per roller, they aren’t cheap. But there’s a lifetime of experience behind them. Belfiore has been building race cars since 1960, more than 50 years.


Our company was formed from a base of car enthusiasts like you who wanted our cars to be faster, better looking, and more unique. We have continued to grow year after year due to our experience in the field, customer service, fast delivery of products, and our loyal customers. We thank you for your interest in Belfab Racing Products, and if you're a current customer, thank you for your support! If you haven't shopped with us before, we invite you to call us and let us serve your needs.

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Serving the Motorsports Industry for over 30 Years


Above: Triangles create strength and this car has plenty of them. On the left you can see how one piece of tubing is used to support the top of the right rear shock and the rear Panhard bar. Saves weight. Below: An overhead view of the left rear of the car reveals the amount of offset of the chassis, the adjustability of the left rear wheel, and the proximity of the birdcage to the brakes.

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All suspension is controlled by wishbones. Look carefully and you can learn a lot about how the Belfiore car is built. You can also see the amount of cutting, fitting, and welding required.

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